Environment Responsibility

DELTTA Strategic Global Legal and Business Advisory and Consultancy are committed to environmental sustainability. In order to mitigate carbon emissions created as we deliver impact to our clients, we purchase voluntary offsets through a partnership with U.K.-based climate and development experts, ClimateCare. By purchasing offsets through ClimateCare, we help advance projects around the world that meet the highest international quality standards in protecting the environment and improving lives.

We don’t stop at purchasing offsets!

At DELTTA, we strive to reduce emissions providing the necessary guidance to our employees and clients so that can adapt the best practices in all the environments wherein they dwell. Through our Environment, Energy, Business Services, Media, Entertainment and Technology Practice we have adapted Properties and Facilities Management, together with Waste to Energy or Energy from Waste Protocols that are the best environmentally friendly practices

Best Practices Facilities Management: Reduce emissions from each home or office by reviewing energy suppliers, switching to low-power light bulbs, and optimizing heating and cooling cycles

Cyber Security Consulting: Encourage responsible use of personal computers and IT equipment. This includes very simple steps like turning computers off overnight and defaulting to double-sided printing.

Administration: Reduce office supply consumption through increased recycling and the use of recycled and sustainable sourced paper.

Take Responsibility for Impacts and Manage Risk: Monitor and Measure impacts, plan effective Mitigation Responses and Adaptation Options programmes and take action through activities including: Green Energy, Carbon Offsetting, SDG programmes, Insetting, Supply Chain Resilience, Stakeholder Engagement and Market Development.

Additionally, we have Green Committees, comprised of consulting staff and members of our core services teams amongst our distinguish world renown Engineers and Consultants. The Green Committees are social activists who work on organizing a variety of initiatives and events to make communities a greener dwelling and work environment as well as volunteer at events that allow us to give back to local environmental organizations.

As a company focused on inspiring development and deployment of 5th generation state-of-the-art technologies and solutions, DELTTA recognizes the wide-ranging implications of climate change—affecting water resources, agriculture, biodiversity and public health. For close to 30 years, DELTTA has provided environmental solutions, analysis and regulatory expertise through its instruments, accessories, consumables and services. We are at the forefront of addressing this critical global issue by helping customers around the world understand and measure the impact of climate change.