Experience And Approach

DELTTA’s Global Knowledge and Resources Center comprises a collaborative network of more than twenty-five hundred (2500) world class renowned team of Consultants and Advisory Specialists who are either Engineers, Technicians, and Structured Finance Specialist, with more than thirty (30) years of experience, and are the most highly qualified in their respective core competencies and have spent years researching, evaluating, compiling and developing our Proprietary Technology and Programs that are visionary, bold and revolutionary. DELTTA provides a “one-stop-shop” advisory and consultancy solutions via a Global Knowledge Centre comprising a network of world class renowned team of personnel from Japan, China, Germany, Ghana, Norway, Switzerland, London, United States, and Canada, Guyana and India and resources to serve our clients. This enables us to undertake the most challenging financing, environmental and engineering projects. Our collaborative partners have more than 60 years of experience in various industries that includes environment, climate resilience, oil & gas, mining, energy, urban infrastructure and land development, waste management, water resources management and project management & consultancy.

DELTTA is managed by a team of very experienced professional whom have spent years working in private sector industries and the public sector. We draw upon the experience of our collaborative network and that of our international strategic partners. The strength of DELTTA rests on the reputation of our collaborative network which is built on solid experience, deep knowledge in every aspect of the Aviation & Travel, Business Services, Environment & Energy, Financial Services, Media, entertainment & Technology, Natural Resources, and Surface, Transportation and Logistics Industries and impeccable track record in their respective areas of specialization in these Industries. Our business philosophy is guided by the commitment of our network in providing clients with uncompromised advise, consultancy and guidance that best benefits our clients and the community in the most sustainable manner.

DELTTA provides a comprehensive range of capabilities around the globe, including Strategies for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation - Government, Organizations, Corporate, Businesses or Communities. We have expertise and a proven track record in a broad range of industries:

Strategic Global Legal and Business Consultancy Services in Private and Public Sector Industries such as Banking, Financing, Securities, and Capital markets, Mergers and Acquisitions, Privatization, Transportation, Telecommunication, Oil, Gas, Green Clean Technology, etc.

Business process design and reengineering.
Engineering of Strategic Alliances, Joint Venture and Global Partnerships with Special Purpose Vehicles.

Commercial and financial development and turnaround strategies.
Government regulations and relations

Program and Project Management Consultation.
Capital acquisition, through Syndication, Private Placement, Equity and Debt Enhancement programs.

Contract negotiations and Dispute Resolutions Plans.

Utilization of technology tools, approaches and systems to identify and maximize profit.
Public relations and media affairs.
Government and Private Sector infrastructure and capital improvement programs advisory consultation.