Social Responsibility

Embracing our role as a global citizen:
As a multinational organization serving companies all over the world, we recognize the role that we can play in developing and investing in local communities. And as an employer, we also appreciate the importance of setting internal policies and goals that are socially responsible.

DELTTA Group Holdings, Inc., Strategic Global Business and Legal Advisory and Consultancy has been awarded a “United States Congressional Gold Medal” by the National Republican Congressional Committee for our commitment to fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and philanthropy amongst all sectors of Civil Society

Our Social Responsibility Program encompasses a wide range of activities, from our global DELTTA carbon neutral policy to pro bono consulting and volunteer support for charitable organizations through our DELTTA Foundation.

Social Issues

The most important way DELTTA can impact society and make a positive difference is through our consulting expertise and advice. Our clients in the Environmental, Energy and Natural Resources industries are often working toward ensuring that they pursue the best practices in the deployment of bold visionary and revolutionary Mitigation Responses and Adaptation Responses to Climate Change. Our work for governmental and non-governmental organizations can help them enhance the value of privately and publicly funded facilities associated with education, aviation, transport and infrastructure. For example, the International Waste Management Association (IWMA) is an organization dedicated to coordinating private and public sectors Waste Management resources to provide maximum benefit for communities worldwide.

DELTTA Foundation

Community Relations and Corporate Giving

DELTTA Foundation is committed to being an economic, intellectual and social asset to each nation and community in which and where we operate.

DELTTA in Our Communities

DELTTA's Foundation worldwide community programs tangibly demonstrate the company's values and commitment to corporate citizenship. In communities where we operate, we contribute through foundation and company grants, employee volunteerism, public policy and community partnerships in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (stem) Education, and workplace giving campaigns.

Inspiring the Scientists and Engineers of Tomorrow

Through grants and donations, DELTTA Foundation supports programs designed to increase student interest and achievement in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (stem) Education, with an emphasis on populations underrepresented in the technology industry. Each year DELTTA Foundation employees throughout the world devote thousands of volunteer hours to increasing student interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (stem) Education and other community activities.

Enriching Lives

DELTTA Foundation supports essential programs that deliver respect, hope and solutions to communities around the world where DELTTA has a presence. In addition to making donations, DELTTA Foundation volunteers aid scores of nonprofit agencies each year during community service events.
For information about DELTTA Foundation Community involvement activities, please contact the DELTTA Foundation.

Contributing Worldwide

DELTTA Foundation are focused primarily on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (stem) Education in communities worldwide where DELTTA has a presence. In addition, DELTTA Foundation supports a broad range of nonprofit programs through its annual giving campaign to designated community organizations in other areas of the world.

Community Support

DELTTA Foundation actively supports the communities with both financial and volunteer support. Employees are encouraged to suggest causes for the company to sponsor that will engage and provide rewarding opportunities for all staff.

Pro Bono Work

DELTTA Foundation supports a variety of not-for-profit organizations with free advisory and consultancy servicesInspiring the Scientists and Engineers of Tomorrow.